Friday, July 30, 2010

Taco Trucks

New to Columbus, spoiled with great Mexican food in California, we could not have been happier to have found this truck here today for lunch!

The truck is tucked away in Whitehall, Ohio, behind a convenience store. Once found, there were two other customers waiting for their tacos.

We chatted with them, and found out that they are Mexican natives. Their food came first, and after letting them have a few bites, I asked "How is it?".

"Good!", they both said. "Just like home!"

We enjoyed our burritos, and tacos as well. The food is clean, delicious, and can be as spicy or not depending on your own addition of hot sauces provided. Our children loved their bean/rice/cheese burrito, so it's not just a place for grown-ups.

So there...we can survive now, with plenty more Taco trucks in the area to be discovered!