Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sacrifice + Bliss


Today was the opening day for the new exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory: Sacrifice + Bliss. The artist, Aurora Robson, works with recycled materials, a lot of which she salvaged from rivers and streams (some from our very own Olentangy). Instead of polluting the environment, and ending up in landfill, Robson turned some 70,000 plastic bottles into beautiful unique pieces of art.





It's an impressive exhibit, with a great message echoing from the beautiful artwork that will catch your attention at first sight.

I brought the children along to one of the hands-on workshops for kids given by artist Eric Marlow. We started out with one single water bottle, and ended up with several unique creative items at the end.



As usual, Franklin Park Conservatory did not disappoint. We left with more knowledge and creativity and a regained sense of responsibility for the environment, children and grown-ups alike.