Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mellowing out in Yellow Springs


Yellow Springs, Ohio. Haven't been there?


In the circle of people I have come across in almost-two-year period in central Ohio, they would tell me that this is one of the places left that I needed to visit. "You'd feel at home there," they would say.


Sure enough, on an almost perfect Spring day, the family and I drove west, to a small village that would transport us to a familiar place. Not that there is anything wrong with Ohio, my friends, but we did feel like we were 'outside' of Ohio during our sojourn in this hamlet.


Yellow Springs has the soul and vibe of a small liberal (okay, even crunchy) college town. The small walkable downtown area is quaint, practical (think hardware store on Main Street), and down right vibrant. A young man was playing guitar on the sidewalk; stores had their doors open; children and dogs skip along with treats in hand and paw.


The art scene is alive here, as well as the eat-local mantra. Restaurants and cafes were hopping on this sunny Sunday, serving freshly grown, locally sourced ingredients. On the way into town, we stopped by the infamous Young's Dairy. It was too early (for us) to try out their homemade ice cream, but not too early to say hello to several goats and cows that roamed the kid-and-family friendly property.


Just down the street, on the way back toward Columbus sits Clifton Mill, our lunch destination. Although this other mill has a special place in my heart, Clifton Mill has its own charm with a gorge underneath that is worth a visit on its own.



Our time was limited, so we had to turn around and missed visiting the natural preserve areas in and around Yellow Springs that are supposed to be beautiful with bike trails, hiking trails and gorges. There is sure to be a next time. Soon, I suspect.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Spectacular








We are having quite a show around here, aren't we? It was a year without real winter. And now... a spring unlike no other.

The usual succession blooming of various spring flowers...from small crocuses that are so good at braving the cold nights, to tulips that welcome more day light.  Bright yellow forsythia usually precedes the first round buds of dogwood that slowly open up to greet the warmer days. The fragrant and stunning crab apples come a bit later, and lilacs usually don't waltz in until late April or early May.


Instead... we have a huge, thunderous orchestra of all of the above blooming at the same time. Right now. Daffodils are still here, and the lilacs have also joined all of those in between.

It's spectacular, albeit, nerve-wrecking. Let's hope it's an anomaly...  But by gosh, I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am!