Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bear's Mill


Tucked away, and nestled by Greenville River, is historic Bear's Mill. It is quite a drive from Columbus (almost two hours), but it is well worth the trip, I tell you.


The mill has been in operation since 1849, and the master miller himself (Terry Clark) can tell you all about it. He can also tell you that it took him over a year to teach himself how to work this old-fashioned, water-powered mill. There is only a hand full of them left in the state, and not that many in the country.


We enjoyed visiting the mill this weekend, during their Christmas preview open house. Terry did a demonstration, showing us how he grinds wheat, corn, and spelt. He also shows us how the water-powered mill can generate its own electricity. He proved to us that we were all 'green' just a generation or so ago. We were in awe, and inspired, to say the least.

The mill store has a collection of handmade arts, crafts and food for sale as well as products made locally and at the mill itself (we came home with cake flour milled by Terry. How cool is that?).

It's a gem of a place, and we are very glad to have found it!

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