Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scioto Audobon Metro Park

We have been a big fan of Audobon for a long time. Though Audobon may be synonymous with birds, the organization is a lot more than that now. If you have children (or not), this is a great book about the man himself.

Lucky for Columbus, we have a beautiful new building that houses the nature center at the Scioto Audobon Metro Park just a few miles south of downtown, next to the Scioto river. This green building boasts many 'green' features, and it won a well deserved gold medal award!

Since today is election day and around here, I guess that also means no school day, the kids and I went to pay the park a visit for the first time.

We were one of the only visitors this morning, aside from a couple of school field trip groups. Inside the beautiful building, you can find several rooms with hands-on activities, books and references, observation stations and some live animals (snapping turtles, toads, frogs and fish). You can even hear bird sounds coming in from the outside (I need to learn how they do this. It's pretty cool!). Outside, there are several trails that lead to the marshland, or along the river.

The Park has several programs for children, including a summer camp! I can't wait for the kids to join next summer. For now, we will go back to enjoy this nature sanctuary in our own backyard.

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