Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Food-town that is Columbus

Why is it that in the 11 years of living in the Bay area, I did not have the privilege of dining with a cool chef like David Tanis? I even lived in the same town as this famous chef, and this famous food blogger (with whom I did share some meals). I know there are many reasons for this question.

At any rate, I did not expect to have moved to a city (small town?) that was quite this interested in good food. I am pleasantly surprised, needless to say, to have met many people who care as much about what they are eating, and where their food comes from.

Last week when I had the opportunity to share a meal with the Head Chef of Chez Panisse who was coming through Columbus on his book tour, I knew not to pass it up.

I can't say I knew much about David Tanis before this rendez-vous. But I sure know a lot about the restaurant at which he cooks and spends half of his annual time. It's probably one of the most famous and influential restaurants in this country. I am sad to say that we did not make it there either in our years in the Golden State.

I wrote a tiny book-review of Tanis' new book that should be on this blog in a few days. In a few words, though, I can attest that this talented and charming chef has given us a beautiful and inspiration book that every home cook should have in the kitchen, or at their bedside table (because it reads like a wonderful nonfiction).

I am honored to have met David Tanis in person, right here, in Columbus, Ohio.

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