Monday, November 1, 2010

St. Joseph's Cathedral

I enjoyed 2010 Halloween this year, mostly because I was not handing out candy, or being scared by teenage costumes. Instead, my family and I attended a special ceremony at St. Joseph's cathedral in downtown Columbus where I volunteered to take photographs of the event.

Let me first tell you that I had no clue what to expect even though I was supposed to document the whole thing. Being born and raised in a mostly Buddhist country, I am still trying to figure out the Catholic stuff (I am married to a Catholic, but even then, I am still baffled). I was warned about the little, if any, light there will be during the candle ceremony...but that was about all.

It was different than normal mass which I have attended a few times in my life. There were prayers, yes, and singing, but the whole candle thing was quite spectacular! I did my best with the camera, but honestly, it was hard to capture the beauty, and the peace and the energy that I felt behind the lens.

I am not telling you to go to church, per se (I don't even go to a Buddhist temple myself, sad but true). I just wanted to share these pretty incredible moments I experienced, right in the middle of this city we are calling home.

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