Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grill and Skillet

We did it. We went to Grill and Skillet.

Asked by Nick and Bethia a few weeks ago if we had frequented this Breakfast (and more) establishment, my answer was No. But really, it was more like, where?

We moved to Bexley about 3 months ago now, and honestly we don't go out to breakfast much, if at all (sorry Nick!). Something about this morning called us outside for a walk (the sun, the leaves, the cool fresh air?), a walk and some food and so we decided it was time for a visit to Grill and Skillet.

The place, right across from the post office on Main St. in Bexley, was packed when we arrived. Clearly, this is a known entity in town (unbeknownst to us!). John Flood, the owner, gave us the signal to sit wherever we would like (one of the two available spots left).

We were quickly given some water, offered some coffee and the menus. We came for breakfast (which is served all day -- see the sign?), but we could have gotten other food items (sandwiches, burgers, dinner plates) as well. Our kids opted for pancakes and bacon and the adults tried a Veggie omelet and Chicken Fried Steak (that would be my husband!).

While waiting for our food, John came to chat with us, giving us a little history about this place he has owned for 25 years. Apparently the building/ restaurant has been there for much longer, maybe since post WWII. Some additions had been built on to it, but it has had loyal customers forever.

After the history lesson, we dove into our breakfasts. Happy with our choices and our bellies full, we promised to return many more times, now that we know the owner by name and vice versa.

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