Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Edible Columbus Cooking Series

I had fun at my first ever cooking class!

Tricia Wheeler, the founder and editor-in-chief of the beautiful local-food magazine, Edible Columbus, teaches a series of cooking classes at M/I homes in Easton. Today her ingredients came from The Chef's Garden: specialty vegetables in season from lettuces to carrots to beets to purple potatoes (and much more). Just looking at the vegetables made my mouth water!

Tricia made several dishes out of the bounty. She emphasized simplicity because she wanted us to taste these delicious vegetables at their best. The potatoes were simply sauteed with olive oil and rosemary; the beets were oven roasted to perfection; the cauliflowers were baked with a bit of cheese on top. There was also a green salad with white wine vinaigrette that Tricia whipped up in a flash. The Waldorf Coleslaw featured celery root and tart apples. The class and meal ended with warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. And of course, we all went home with recipes of everything we got to taste during the class.

It was such a fun, informational class! Check the schedule for future classes, if you would like to see what else Tricia is planning to create and share with us all.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. Kudos to Tricia for letting the flavor of the vegetables shine! It's amazing how good they can taste when you nurture the soil and select varieties for flavor rather than yield or durability in transit. We appreciate her incorporating a sustainable product into the lessons, and we're glad you were able to take away a few new tricks.


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