Friday, October 15, 2010

Charlie's Apples

This was more like it, people!

You may recall that we went apple picking as a family earlier this fall, and it was not the most ideal of experiences (or at least for our family). Since then, I had been waiting to go picking again before the season is over.

The kids are out of school today, and I had this planned all week, to go to Charlie's Apples in Newark. Many of you have been telling us to go here for organic (the only one around!) apples, and we were not disappointed.

It took a little while to get out there from Bexley, but we had all day, and a packed lunch picnic in the back of the car, and new audio CDs from the library. Plus, it's peak fall color right now. Every time we see a tree that is in all of its fall glory, we yelled out: "That's a TEN!"

Okay, so back to the apple orchard.

First of all, it was very modest. Just one sign saying U-Pic, Charlie's apples. We followed the path up to find a farm house standing in front of an apple orchard. Inside a little shed, it gave us instructions of the picking, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an honor system cash box with a little note next to it. I heard myself breath a sigh of relief. This is more like what we are used to. This is like the orchard we picked at near the coast of Monterey Bay. Thank goodness this kind of place still exists!

The sun that was just out, slipped back behind the clouds. The wind picked up, and there was just enough chill in the air that created the perfect ambiance for a fall-apple-picking kind of day. The kids and I decided that we needed to have a little competition going (who could pick the most, the fastest).

Because Charlie's apples are organic, the apples have blemishes on them, and some have been nibbled on a little (or a lot). So the picking goes a little slower as we each try to find the somewhat perfect-imperfect looking apples to bring home.

The competition was a success ( I won! Of course.) as we all picked 50lbs of apples in a short time. Besides, they were looking forward to the many apple pies, and apple sauce cakes and apple butter that we would have for weeks to come.

Thanks to Charlie (although I did not meet you, or anyone else for that matter, which was awesome in its own way!), for this orchard, and for keeping the apples the way they should be! Imperfect, delicious, and pesticides-free!

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