Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Picking and Taco eating, all in one morning

Just outside of the Columbus proper, you can be in farm-country. Now, because we are in the midwest here, there is a lot of corn in the farm country. A lot.

There are other things, too, of course. We have found some orchards, vegetable farms, farm markets. This being apple picking season, we wanted to have some for our favorite apple-related things: crisps, pies, cakes, or just plain crunchy apples for a snack.

I won't tell you where we went apple picking because we won't be going back there again (sad, I know). And I will be sure to tell you if we find one that is more to our pace. The apples are fine, don't get me wrong. We are just a bit more off-the-beaten-path-organic-crunchy-type apple pickers than we thought.

What we will tell you about, though, is our favorite taco truck. I wrote about them before. In fact, they made it as my first posting on this blog! Taqueria Morena.

Tucked behind a small market, on Livingston Ave, this Mexican family makes some very good tacos and burritos. This weekend they had melon fresca for a refreshing drink to go with the flavorful dishes.

If you think apples and tacos don't go together? You may have to think again!


  1. hello from one california transplant to another! I've been looking up apple picking places around Cbus and was wondering if the one you went to started with an L? Here's an organic one in Newark:

  2. Went there today and it was great!!!!


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