Thursday, September 2, 2010

German Village

When we first visited Columbus, we wanted to live in German Village.

Who wouldn't? It's quaint, it's warm, it's a walkable community complete with a bookshop, coffee shops, deli, fine dining, dentists, lawyers, you name it!

Then reality sunk in, and with two young children, it would not be right for us to choose this neighborhood to settle when we could be in a house with a tree and a yard!

German village has a long history, and it is one of this city's prides and gems. It sits just south of downtown, right off the freeway. But when you are in it, walking about like I was doing the other day, you can almost imagine the old days with horse drawn carts and men with tall hats. You almost expect to hear German spoken from the next person you walk by. I know there are lots to explore in this neighborhood... But I would just go there for the experience of the sense of place that it embodies.

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