Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Columbus Public Library

Columbus, you have something to be very proud of!

Again, it has taken me a while to visit the main public library on Grant Street. Many people have suggested that I take the kids there, that they have a great kids' section, that there is an art gallery, that the library got Museum of the Year award.

Believe it or not, my librarian friend in Santa Cruz praised about this library even before we packed our boxes to leave town.

We are lucky to be only a couple of miles away from this beautiful place. I was a little dubious about parking only to be pleasantly surprised that there is a designated parking garage for the library, and that it is free for the first hour (and only 50 cents for 2 hours!).

The kids were excited at the selection of books. I was blown away by the architecture, the art gallery, the natural light that comes inside.

And I didn't even go upstairs to where all the books are.

I am setting up a date with myself to go there just to really get to know it some more.


  1. Our library really is something grand! My local branch, Whetstone, does not have the same stunning architecture, but we love their vast collection and friendly staff.

    Columbus folks have the opportunity to vote for the first time in ten years on a levy to fund the library. I'm a volunteer working on the campaign at http://www.keepcmlstrong.org. I hope you'll take a look.

  2. Very cool! Glad you made it over there! Next time you go, be sure to check out the "back yard" of the Library... The Topiary Park:


    One of the most overlooked urban parks in the city. ;)

  3. We are going to make it to the Topiary Park soon! Heard so much about it actually.


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