Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Japanese Crepe Cart

It was meant to be.

Bethia and I were to meet at the Northstar Cafe today for lunch. Since I am new in town, Bethia kindly offered to meet me and show me a thing or two about the food scene in Columbus. I quickly learned that she is just that person!

Noon time came, I felt a presence next to me at Northstar Cafe. It was Bethia. She quickly introduced herself...and then quickly took me out of the restaurant.

"We have change of plans here." she said. "The Japanese Foodie Cart is across the road. We are eating lunch there instead! The Northstar Cafe will always be here!"

I had noticed the cart when I walked over to the cafe, but of course I didn't know it was the infamous Japanese Crepe cart that I have been hearing about the last few weeks. Could I have been so lucky to get to try it today?

A few customers gathered around a tiny cart with a list of menu items. I consulted my new friend about what to order, and she smartly said we should order two kinds, and each have a half so that we could get to taste both. She also ordered a serving of Grapefruit Gelatin ( a sophisticated jello, quite delicious actually).

Our order was made quickly, served in a neat paper wrap (I love the Japanese way of packaging: always beautiful and brilliant). We first had the Unagi and Cream cheese crepe. It was heavenly. And then we had the potato/miso crepe which was good as well (but not so Japanese tasting). The grapefruit gelatin helped clean our palette at the end of this 'fast-food' lunch. Fast food has never been so classy, that is all I can say!

This husband/wife team doesn't only make cool crepes. They are also high-tech! You can track where they will be in Columbus on Facebook!

Happy Crepe-eating and Foodie Cart finding!


  1. I love the jello picture!
    Northstar veggie burger is next on the agenda. It's one of many rites of passage to the Columbus food scene.

  2. Ah yes! I will look forward to that trip!


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