Friday, March 18, 2011



Isn't it grand to be opening those windows again?


And to see things starting to shoot out of the ground?


Spring here is going to be fantastic, I can already feel it.

We are off to the capital of the country for a few days. I will share some interesting finds here...

Until then...enjoy the warm air and all the signs that Spring is indeed here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Market 65


Market 65, a new institution in downtown Columbus (Capitol Square, to be precise) opened its doors just a week ago, but you might have heard about them from several places since a few weeks back. Why? Because their philosophy behind the food is what the customers are looking for: fast, fresh, locally grown and produced food, made and assembled right before your eyes.

Patrick Katzenmeyer and Anthony Micheli, co-owners and brains behind the restaurant, greeted me when I entered the door today. Their bright green decor was very welcoming, lively, and spring like. It's almost enough to go in there just for that. Pat showed me around a bit, listing off producers and artisans that they are partnering with. Just to name a few, the baked goods are coming from a few local bakeries like Sassafras Bakery, their coffee is from Stauf's, their diary products is (of course) from Snowville Creamery, their eggs and meats are Ohio raised, and pretty soon their greens will be coming from local farms.

The atmosphere at Market 65 is young, alive, and ready to feed customers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too bad I don't work downtown, but I think I will be going there regardless.

Market 65
65 E. State St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Open at 7:30am M-F

Monday, March 7, 2011



Say the name of this restaurant 3 times, and your Monday has just gotten a little happier!

A friend and I checked out this little spot on E. Main St. the other day, knowing nothing about it. But the name is sweet, and the idea of noodles for lunch is always appealing to me.


We each ordered a different kind of noodle dish. I was recommended the Pad Thai and my friend got the Singaporian noodles. The service is quick, and the price is low. I was not prepared for the disposable dishes and silverware, but I guess it makes sense for this pseudo-Asian-fast-food place.


It made a good enough impression on me that I returned one more time to try one of their rice bowls. I was there during a busy lunch hour, and it was clear the place has a following.

They gave me an option of brown rice if I wanted, and the topping of vegetables and chicken was tasty. A little sprinkle of Sriracha sauce made it complete. The portion was big enough to feed two people, so I left with a take-home box.

I have not tried their dumplings (should be good since it's in their name!), so I have something to try next time.

Mumbling their silly name to myself as I exited the door, I was happy to have visited another new establishment in my Columbus food repertoire.

Oodles has two locations:

765 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215-1611
(614) 222-8831

443 E. Main St.
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 228-6755