Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leslie's Creperie

I had planned on finding the Foodie Cart for lunch after seeing their tweeted location (close to where I was going be at lunch time), but got side tracked when I saw another crepe cart at the Pearl Market.

Paul, the crepe master, was very warm and personable (very much appreciated on a cold blustery day). He told me a bit of the history of Leslie's Creperie; the hard work that he and his wife had put into perfecting their European-inspired savory and sweet crepes. He also made sure that I knew that they are not competitors of the more Japanese-inspired counterpart. They are good friends, he said, and they are happy to be co-existing, making crepes for us to enjoy side by side!

I ordered a Spinach-Feta-Chicken crepe which Paul quickly made for me. He handed me the warm and perfectly wrapped crepe within minutes.

Who said fast food has to be unhealthy food? I am so pleased that Columbus seems to embrace the food-cart culture that provides fast, healthy treats with local business owners who are fulfilling their dreams.

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