Monday, February 21, 2011

Cafe Ephesus


It's not often that my husband, the man in a white coat who does not get to discover new places much, suggests a dining destination for the family.

Today was one of those rare days. The kids were out of school, and we were heading north (I guess I go north more than I realize) to visit some animals at the zoo for the first time (more on that later!).


My husband suggested that we all meet for lunch (also a very rare event) at a brand new place to me: Cafe Ephesus.


We all enjoy middle Eastern food quite a bit, and have not gone to any place that we could delight in that type of cuisine here in Columbus (I know there are many, but not sure where to go).


The children were delighted to dip pita bread in hummus and fresh yogurt flavored with fresh dill.


We also got a couple of their Kabab lunch items that came with rice pudding to end the meal. Our daughter shamelessly devoured some pomme-frites (I just can't bring myself to writing the English version down here. We were at a Turkish restaurant people!).

I would go back here in a heart-beat...if it was not so far out of our way. But again, maybe I do get up north more than I realize...

Cafe Ephesus
6720 Perimeter Loop Road
Dublin, OH 43017-3202
(614) 798-8091

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  1. Some other suggestions for where to go:

    Pita Hut N' Grille on N. High Street (just south of the Graceland shopping center)

    Olive Tree Mediterranean (Hilliard)

    Nazareth Restaurant (kinda Westerville / East Columbus area on 161...)


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