Thursday, April 7, 2011

Julia's Kitchen


I apologize for my absence. Life has caught up with me!

I also apologize that this post has nothing to do with Columbus, or Ohio. Rather, I am sharing with you a glimpse of Mrs. Julia Child's real-life kitchen. The one that she cooked in, and lived in, until she gave it to the Smithsonian Institution.

During our Spring break a couple weeks ago, we got a chance to do a whirlwind tour of Washington DC. We didn't do it all, since that is impossible to accomplish in a few days...but we did visit the National Museum of American history, now home of Julia Child's kitchen.


Her kitchen was cozy, and full of pots, pans and knives. I love the table in the middle there, inviting anyone to spend time with the cook at work. I am sure it would be extremely convenient to cook & serve, all within a few feet. I would really like that.

We did a lot more in DC than seeing this lovely kitchen, of course. We visited Mt. Vernon, the lovely estate of George Washington. We went up the Washington monument to get the best views of the city (and witnessed how close those planes get as they head to the airport). We hopped in and out of many museums. We loved taking the metro and walking around the city that was in full Spring bloom, the cherry trees included!



  1. Cool! I'm going to DC in the summer and plan on dragging my husband to this exhibit in particular since we'll already be visiting that museum.

    I have yet to search/plan which restaurants to check out while there. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Nicole, Have a great time in DC! So much to do and see, you will love it! We mostly ate with friends and families in their homes. One place that my husband took us to that is rather popular is Ben's Chili bowl (if you like that kind of stuff)! Definitely as experience!


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