Sunday, May 15, 2011

Village Valuables

Do you like yard sales?

Getting good deals?

Doing it all in a quaint, friendly, walkable neighborhood?

It was my first time at Village Valuables in German Village. A friend I bumped into there yesterday said "It's a rite of passage" of sorts for being a Columbus resident. And I could see why!

If I didn't have a young-one tagging along with me, asking to go home, to have more breakfast, to please Mommy can we go back...I would have spent all of my Saturday browsing the streets of this quaintest neighborhood in Columbus.

It started early, at 8am, although I am pretty sure that many people had an even earlier start than that.

I didn't do justice in taking pictures of the 'valuables' I saw at dozens of spots that we did manage to stop at. There was pretty much everything under the sun, from clothes, to pottery, to furniture, to books and toys.

The bad news is that we will all have to wait another year for this day to return. But it will be worth the wait!

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  1. There's another big neighborhood yard sale coming up. Victorian Village yard sale is on June 4th and it's also a great walkable neighborhood.


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