Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black Creek Bistro


The truth is, we don't eat out much. When we get a chance, we opt to stay home and make something delicious instead of going out.

In the last year that we have been here, I pretty much documented all the eating places that we have gone to right here on this blog. No joke. Well, I did leave out some places that don't belong in the blog subtitled "authentic finds...". And there is one place that I should have written about, but I left the camera at home that night. This blog would not be as much fun without the photos, right?


The other day, my husband and I had a rare opportunity to eat out, at a restaurant, without our children. We didn't want to go to far from home, but wanted something good, and easy.


We chose to go to Black Creek Bistro, one of the first (non-chain) restaurants I heard about when we first moved here. And I did get to go there a couple of times with friends. This would be the first with my husband.


Black Creek Bistro sits in the corner of Parsons and Oak streets, in the sweet neighborhood of Olde Town East. We got there after the lunch crowd rush, so the pace was slow (arguably a bit too slow for lunch time, in our opinion), and we almost had the place to ourselves.


My husband ordered their corn soup which was nice and spicy, and a large Caesar salad with the custom-ordered anchovies on top (he was happy about that!). I went for the vegetarian option of portobello mushroom wrap which was fresh and delicious.

As we enjoyed our lunch, we did wonder what dinner would be like at this bistro (with a nice bistro ambiance and beautiful rotating artwork on their walls)... but at the rate we are going, we might not find out for quite some time!

On the way home, I could not resist stopping at The Angry Baker to get some of our favorite ├ęclaires to bring home to the bakery's little fan club.

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