Saturday, August 18, 2012

Clear Creek Metro Park


It was a beautiful day.


A hint of fall is in the air now. One can only guess how long it will last since we have had one of the hottest summers on record.


Never mind the unknown. Our family meeting this Saturday morning concluded with a decision to go somewhere new, somewhere pretty, somewhere preferrably with water. In this case, a clear creek kind of water... however little is left in it after the season's drought.


A little walking in the woods and playing with creatures was just what we needed. We also found plenty of mud (on our shoes), and a lot of crawdads (under rocks).


"We can stay here forever," proclaimed one of the youngest among us. Though we all knew that she didn't really mean it (including the said child herself), it was a sure sign that we were all having fun.


Yes, Central Ohio does have enough to keep us exploring. Today, we found a place equally as pretty as the day itself at Clear Creek Metro Park in Perry County, Ohio.



  1. Ooo that's right by where I used to live.

    Have you ever been to the ravine park that's right off of arcadia ave in clintonville? it's sorta hidden, you have to go to arcadia ave then go west to indianola and turn north and there's a bridge you pass over.

    If you park near there and walk to the bridge, you'll see a stair case that leads down to a creek that runs under the bridge and there's a really amazing park and ravine with waterfalls down there. I bet your youngins would like it!!


  2. Thanks for that, Tara! I have heard about this elusive park... Will have to go find it! :)


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