Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bexley's Farmers' Market

Tiny Bexley farmers' market is our current produce market. Though it is not comparable to our previous hometown's multiple markets, it's still nice to be able to bike over there on Saturday mornings, meet the local farmers who grew the food that we can go home with and put on the table minutes later. I would rather have a small market like this, than to go and purchase produce at the supermarket grown back where we came from!

About a dozen vendors meet there every Saturday in the summer in front of the Bexley Town Hall on Main St. A musician or two keep things lively. Many customers bike there, with children in tow. It's sweet scene...a small town kind of scene.

By the way, those tomatoes (the not so pretty ones) in the first photo came home with us and have been turned into a delicious sauce. Not so pretty does not mean not so delicious!

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