Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We visited our second Metropark today: Inniswood.

Who would have thought that I would find real Thai lotus growing in a pond in the middle of Ohio? Stranger things have happened, so I should not have been surprised to see the beautiful flowers reaching high up from the water. Other exotic plants were there too: jasmine, figs, coffee tree, even a cinnamon plant (my first encounter!).

Inniswood is really a botanical garden, a well-looked after one with lots to explore for kids and adults alike. It is one of the smaller Metro Parks here, but the intensive cultivation and ingenious layout of the landscape can keep you wandering around for a long time.

Within the park, there are multiple gardens you can discover: rose garden, herb garden, children's garden, to name a few.

We brought a picnic lunch to refuel after a stroll through the park. Though food is not allowed inside the park, just outside by the parking area, there are picnic tables, and plenty of grassy area to spread out the perfect picnic blanket for the meal!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I love Inniswood.

    Of course I would find your lovely blog a month before I leave Columbus to live in DC.


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