Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stratford Ecologial Center


It's the season of fall festivals. For the most part, our family avoid them... mostly because we are not the best at fighting crowds, wait in line, and spend a lot on really rather bad-for-you foods.


But I think that we just found the perfect festival for ourselves, and sadly, you all will have to wait until next year to experience it, too (unless, of course, you went there today!).


Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware holds an annual Harvest Festival. The place itself is worth a visit regardless of what is happening there (a working farm, animals, greenhouse, children's garden), but with the festivity, our family was impressed by the low-key, informative and fun afternoon we spent at the center.


The center's main mission is to educate young people about the food system, how food is grown, and how to respect the earth with organic practices. They have vegetables and well as livestock on site, plus a good flock of chickens and roosters in the orchard.


Today, families and children were treated to several activities, art booths, wool spinning, felting, sauerkraut making. Even the turtle lady was there (a very popular lady today, I've got to say).


Some got to ride horses, meet donkeys, and learn the differences between the two. Farm kitties appeared out of nowhere for children to follow.


There were goats, sheep, pigs, and cows munching on the just rained-on green grass being lit up by the much appreciated afternoon sun.


Secret gardens and hiking paths to the sugar shack were also good distractions into the wonder of nature.


Musicians entertained throughout the festivities. Folk singers, and bands took stage and sang nature songs. We had to remind ourselves that we were still in Ohio, and not back in Northern California!


After all, it does not really matter where we are, does it? The right spirit was there, shared by all the people attended. Together, we celebrated the earth, the harvest, and this day at the Ecological Center where its vision was, clearly, being realized.


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  1. I very much wanted to go to the Harvest Festival today but spent time working in our own backyard instead. I am grateful to hear that the event is not overly crowded, as my family similarly avoids huge groups.


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