Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, Revisited


A year ago, when we had just moved to Columbus, I looked for a small farm to find that sense of belonging one yearns for when they are feeling 'out of place'. Sure I had just transplanted myself from a different time zone, a different landscape and culture (yes, California has its own culture), but I knew that all farms share the same common denominator: earth with things growing out of it. And from my experience thus far, I have liked all the farmers I have met (regardless of where they are from), especially the small-organic-sustainable-farm-type farmers. It's easy for me to connect with them: it's easy for me to feel comfortable in their presence, and on their land. It makes me feel at home.


Sunny Meadows Flower Farm was the first farm I visited, and it gave me what I was looking for. The small farm reminded me of my friend's farm in Massachusetts, and Gretel and Steve felt like old friends with whom I could reconnect. I loved seeing their fields of flowers with so many different colors and shapes and sizes. Walking through the rows of towering sunflowers felt like living in an impressionist painting, only better.


Hard to believe that it has been a year since I was introduced to this hard working couple and their magical flower fields. Life got busy, and it was not until recently that I returned to the farm.


Steve and Gretel had expanded their growing space, renting a part of their neighbor's land for the season, to produce more flowers to meet their demand. They are still focusing on flowers, creating the most beautiful bouquets and wedding arrangements. On an impromptu tour, they showed me the different ways they tend their flowers; some need more TLC, some like to be under cover, and some just need more sunny days.


They also told me about their flower CSA which is quite a neat concept. Instead of getting produce weekly, you get bouquets of flowers. How cool is that? Imagine a house filled with beautiful flowers grown right around here. I'd say it's a swell idea.


A wise man named E.E. Cummings once said: Earth Smiles with Flowers. I could not agree more.

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

(614) 361-5102
(614) 296-1637

3555 Watkins Road, Columbus, OH 43232

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