Sunday, June 12, 2011

Columbus Rose Garden


Did you know that tucked away in the middle of Clintonville is one of the nation's best rose gardens?!


The air was cool this morning and the sun was bright. I knew that roses prefer this kind of weather over the scorching humid days that we had had the previous weeks. We had to get to the Rose Garden before the roses are done for the season!


Of course many other people had the same idea, but because the garden is rather sizable, it did not feel crowded. Rather, it was wonderful to see families, the young and the old, locals and visitors, meander about the garden. We all literally took a pause in our lives to smell the roses!


The heat and drenching stormy showers we had last week did harm a lot of the roses. But some strong ones powered through, and new buds are still bursting out with the sun. Each type of rose has a well-labeled sign, some of the names will make you smile even.  Our kids enjoyed deciding which ones they preferred. From the bright colors to the undeniably edible fragrances, the rose garden brought joy out of all of us.



Admission: Free
Park Hours: Daily, dawn to dusk.
Best Viewing Time: Peak Bloom mid-June and mid September.
Features: 13 acres of manicured gardens, 11,000 rose bushes, 350 varieties. Herb & Perennial gardens, Daffodil garden featuring over 1,000 varieties.
Directions: From I-71, exit on North Broadway, proceed West to High St., turn North on High Street, proceed approximately 1.5 miles north to the Whetstone Park entrance located at 3901 N. High St. Enter at this location, follow the park entry road to the lower parking lot. The Park of Roses is easily located and well signed from the lower parking lot. Wheelchair accessible.

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