Saturday, June 11, 2011

Granville, revisited


It's been long overdue, a revisit to Granville, Ohio.


Last time I was here (my first visit to this quaint town reminiscent of New England), I promised my husband that I would introduce it to him soon. But alas, winter came, and so did spring. Here we are on the verge of summer, and we finally got to go as a whole family!


Granville has several positive reputations. The farmers market, Whit's custard, the Granville Inn, and Denison University campus all made it on our itinerary today.


What was brilliant was that we didn't even have to set foot on the ground when a genuine comment came from my life's partner.


"I get it now," he said. "I get what you mean." His eyes admired the beautiful tree-lined streets, the flower-filled porches and beautiful New England style homes. "It's peaceful here."


Granville had him before it even needed to say hello. How brilliant is that?

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