Saturday, June 18, 2011

Schacht Farm Market


To some, Canal Winchester might feel like a long way away. In reality, it's closer than you think. For those of us in Bexley, it's a quick ride down Hwy 33.


Farmlands appear as soon as you leave the city proper, and you feel like you have entered a simpler, unhurried world. Red barns, horses, and those struggling-to-grow corn fields due to a very wet spring, open up the landscape. My heart rate immediately slows down.


I had been to Schacht farm before several times. Today I had a vision of picking the last of their strawberries, to accompany their homegrown rhubarb stalks. "It's like a treasure-hunt now," said Lisa Schacht, co-owner of the farm. "They are there, but this is probably the last week of strawberries."


There were plenty of already-picked berries once we got to the farm stand, off of Gender Rd. heading north of town. We decided to bring those home instead of treasure-hunting in the mid-day sun. A healthy bunch of rhubarb also made it in our new basket ($2 a piece by the register!), among other goodies grown on the farm.


Those two peaches came from South Carolina, however. They were sweet and juicy, and were, naturally, devoured way before reaching home.

Schacht Farm Market
5950 Shannon Rd.
Canal Winchester, Oh 43110
Phone: 614-833-1932
Recording: 614-837-GOOD (4663)

April 17 through October 30, 2010
(Call about Holidays)

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