Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gift from Ohio


I found the perfect gift to bring back to my parents. And it's even (sort of) made in Columbus! That snow won't last in the heat of the tropics, but it's to prove that it came from our winter wonderland.


A few months ago, during one of my first visits to the North Market, I got to taste some olive oils from The Olive Orchard. Now, I have had quite a bit of olive oils in my life: from the many years spent in California,  and several trips to Europe. I have learned that I like my olive oil good and bold.

When the lady told me that the Sicilian Olive Oil is one of the best in the world, I did not hesitate to dip a piece of bread into the bowl, and got a good big bite for a taste.

That did it. A bottle of that good stuff came home with me. A few other bottles followed back into our house since that first day, and I have not looked back.

Then I started to hear more about this very olive oil; how it became part of Jeni's new flavor, I even saw a clip with them on morning news. In the new winter issue, Edible Columbus tells their story behind the bottles quite well. My Olive Oil was getting famous!

Simply put, The Olive Orchard is owned by local Columbus families who are passionate about producing the best olive oils from the best sources in the world. I am happy to bring a taste of this divine fruit, directly via Columbus, back to my home country, half the world away.

I know my parents will scratch their heads a little and say something like:

Olive Oil? From Ohio? 

Well, sort of. Even though olive trees do not thrive here, Ohio just knows how to put the right stuff in the right places!

Visit their website for locations where you can find/ purchase these oils.

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  1. Hi Kit -

    So well said! And a lovely photo of our olive oil in the Ohio snow :). May I link to this post from our Facebook page? Many thanks!

    Caroline Haskett


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