Friday, December 10, 2010

Yosick's Last Days


Can you believe that I used to tell people that I didn't really care for chocolate? Maybe I was temporarily insane, or maybe I really didn't like it that much. Well, I have changed and gotten normal now. I do love chocolate. Yes, I do.


I had heard about Yosick's from a few people. In fact, when I was trying to get directions to Bierberg the other day, the lady at Katsinger's wanted to steer me to Yosick's. I politely said no, that's not what I was looking for. 

Until today, that is.


Columbus Underground posted this morning that Yosick's door is closing at the end of the year. This prompted me to look at the calendar, and soon after, jumped in the car.


After dropping off some more copies of Edible Columbus at the sweet ladies at Bierberg Bakery, I turned north, on the same street (5th) in German Village.

Yosick's sits in the corner, adjacent to a massage therapy office (hello...chocolate and then massage?! Too bad it was closed). The friendly store lady, Megan, greeted me and even offered to plate up some truffle pieces for me if I wanted to take photographs. Why indeed!


Not only did I take photographs, and chatted with Megan (a chocolatiere in the making herself), I purchased all those truffles you see in the first photograph up there. Presents for friends, I tell myself. Although, I did allow myself to taste one: a heart with some kind of rum filling. Heaven.

I am sad to hear that this sweet little spot will be closed for good comes Christmas Day. Megan assured me that Kristy, the owner and artist behind Yosick's, will continue to produce these beautiful and delicious chocolates that can be purchased online, and I believe, in some places within Columbus.

In the mean time, their door is wide open, and I can tell you that I would be a happy recipient of these morsels as a decadent holiday gift!

539 South 5th Street
Columbus, OH 43206-1203
(614) 223-9575

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  1. That's such a bummer! They were the one place I knew of that served kosher food that I could take my friend when she's in town. I've never sampled their sweets, so I'd better get in there soon!


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