Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"North Market", Bangkok Style


When "Cool Columbus" is away from Columbus, I am still determined to bring you something interesting, from near and far.

This time, I am taking you through the Jatujak Market in Bangkok (also known as JJ Market), which is somewhat the equivalent of the North Market in Columbus...just, well, very Thai, and a whole lot bigger.


First, we have to have garlic. Thai food would be dismal without these bulbs! Check out all the different kinds.


Then, we need grilled pork (with Thai sticky rice). And all sorts of other grilled meats, fruits, vegetables, you name it, it's there being grilled. The place is constantly in action with the vendors cooking right here and now. Fresh food, the fast way. Not to be confused with fast food.


And of course, Thai fruits...including these durians that are either loved or loathed. I happen to love them.


There are also prepared foods everywhere you look. These are huge pots of curries.


There is also plenty of fresh seafood off the boat.


And chestnut being roasted the Chinese way (with hot pebbles).


And meats, butchered right before your eyes.


Every time I come back here, I wish I had a stomach many times larger than what it is. Each stall of food vendor offers something so very different, and so very comforting and nostalgic for me. My senses go a little insane smelling and seeing everything together in one place. It's rather overwhelming, albeit in the best possible way.

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  1. Wow, that looks incredible. Great photos, I love the one of the big curry pots. Enjoy!


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