Monday, December 13, 2010

Train town at the library


I still recall the days I spent with Thomas, and Bertie, and Spencer...ah oh, I am starting to forget their names! How impossible? They were everywhere in our lives back

Those days abruptly ended when my son turned three.  And we have not looked back, really.


When I went to the main library to return some books the other day, I was surprised to see a huge set, a town of sort, with trains running everywhere. It reminded me of a deli we used to go to in Santa Cruz (the Train Deli) where my husband and I had our first uninterrupted meal as parents of twin toddlers. We returned there several times, despite the terrible overpriced food, before they closed their doors for good. The (train) joy it brought to the kids, and the temporary peace we had, was worth it...I think.


Although I am sure my children will still get a kick out of this set (who wouldn't?), I am 100% certain that parents with children ages 3 and under are required to come see and experience this holiday spirit, put up by Huntington Bank (I believe). It's quite awesome, and I am also pretty sure that you won't be going there just once before Christmas rolls around.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to update such a "cool" blog. I love finding little gems through-out Columbus, and I never know where to find them. The ones you've written about are great!


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